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October 16, 2013 / Why Women Give Terrible Dating Advice (usually)

Hey there,

Many of you may have read my article, How to Learn From Women
. In this article I talk about the way you should be asking women questions if you want to get actual worthwhile information out of them. In this letter, I want to talk about WHY it is that women, in general, give absolutely terrible dating advice!

Don't get me wrong; some women do give excellent advice, especially many experienced professionals (dating coaches, matchmakers, etc.), but that girl friend of yours? Forget about it. Most likely you would have better luck doing the exact opposite of what she tells you! But why? How could it be that women are so clueless in understanding how to get other women? There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is quite simple really:

Women do not have experience dating and seducing other women!

Who would you rather learn basketball from, an average college basketball player, or a 7'2" version of LeBron James... who has never even seen a basketball! Women have the potential to be excellent givers of dating advice, but the mere fact that they have probably never played the game, or even stepped on the field, gives them a huge experience disadvantage that is virtually impossible for the random woman to overcome. Women don't know how to date women because they have never really done so! Their experience is pretty much exclusively based on the experience of one: themselves. And as we all know, what works on one girl doesn't necessarily work on another, or even on most girls!

What about her friends, you might wonder? Well, women are notorious for telling half-truths and rationalizing behavior, particularly sexual, even to their good friends. Most likely, a women trying to gather experience and dating knowledge from her friends is mostly getting bad information that make her advice even worse!

Obviously, everything here is a generalization, as many woman can give great advice; however, always remember that the vast majority of women have no experience dating women, so take their advice with a grain of salt.

Play on,


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