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November 15, 2013 / Stop Making It Too Easy!

Hey there,

One huge mistake I see men make all the time (which I allude to in my: 6 Reasons Why Day Dates Are A Bad Idea), is focusing so much on getting the girl to say yes that they forget to make her INVEST. The reality is that people care about something when they INVEST in it, not when they simply agree to do it. You may think getting her to meet you for coffee for 10 minutes is better than her not meeting you at all, but often times that is NOT the case.

Look. When you make it too easy for her to meet you, you are projecting a needy vibe. You are basically telling her the following: "You are too good for me, so I will take anything I get from you, as long as you give me something." That is NOT an attractive message to send. You are much better off DENYING her if she offers up some non-committal/low investment meeting and instead offering up your own option that FORCES her to invest in meeting you.

Forcing her to invest has two main benefits: Firstly, if she agrees then you know she is interested enough to be willing to make an investment in meeting you. Secondly, it shows that you do not think she is "too good" for you, that you respect your time and effort, and that you don't "half ass" things. She will respect you for that.

If she does not agree to make any investment in meeting you? I suggest moving on or working on attracting her more. If you simply insist on meeting her, make her meet you half way SOMEHOW. Even if it's moving the time back 30 minutes or what not. A meeting only on her terms with someone who is not willing to make an investment in you is generally a complete waste of time; better to not go on it at all.

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