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October 19, 2013 / Show your strengths instead of hiding your weaknesses

Hey there,

In this letter I want to talk about the very common practice of men focusing on hiding their weaknesses and shortcomings from women they are interested in. I believe this is a very flawed approach to dating. Instead of spending time and energy hiding your weaknesses, focus on showing your strengths!

Women are much more forgiving when it comes to flaws (both physical and character) than men are. While most men would rather have  a woman with few flaws, most women would rather have a flawed man with some really attractive traits. That's right, mediocre is much less attractive than great at some stuff and bad at others. It is this dynamic that makes showing the good stuff about you much more important than hiding the bad. Think about celebrities, extremely wealthy men, and star athletes. Many of them are extremely flawed (with flaws exposed to the whole world often times!) yet they are as a group by far the most successful with women. Women's focus on your strengths as opposed to your weaknesses is the reason.

Next time, before you go out on a date, or to the bars or clubs, think about what you have to offer to women and think about how you can show that to whatever woman you interact with. Don't think about what turns women off from you. Focus on your strengths.

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