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November 08, 2013 / Sending 2 Texts In A Row??

Hey there,

We have all been in the situation where we send a text that clearly demands a response and don't get one. What should we do? I have been in this situation many times, and while often times, you can't do anything and the girl simply isn't interested, I have successfully seduced women who have ignored texts of mine asking them out several times. What is the secret? The answer is actually very simple, but first, let me tell you guys what NOT to do.

1. Don't get your hopes up --
When a girl does not respond to a text, it is a bad sign, so while my approach will increase your odds, it isn't fool proof. You have to accept that sometimes, you simply will not get a response no matter what you do.

2. Do not call them out for not responding --  I don't care how you do it, cocky funny ("was my last text so awesome it blew up your phone?"), straight forward ("too cool to respond to my texts?"), pretend she missed it ("did you get my text from last night?"), etc. ALL OF THESE ARE BAD. All you accomplish is putting her in an awkward situation.

3. Don't pull an "I guess you aren't interested" -- This accomplishes absolutely nothing but making her feel bad. Don't bother with this. You may get a pity reply, but it won't help you get laid or even a date, so don't bother.

So, what is the solution that I discovered? It's simple: Simply pretend you didn't send a text and send a text asking them out (specific time and place).

Wait a day or two, and just ask them again. No awkwardness, no making her feel bad, no appearing needy or desperate, just straight forward re-work of the last thing you asked. Now, there is one caveat:
you do not want to ignore and then send a worthless text (i.e. a how was your day?), you ONLY want to resend a text that asks them out. Note that you can jump ahead to asking out if the text that was ignored was more vague. For example, if you sent the following: "We should get together sometime." and got no response. Do not send that again, send something like the following: "Hey, want to grab a drink at XYZ bar tomorrow at 8?".

This doesn't always work, but my success rate with this approach has been astronomical compared to the typical call them out for not responding in a funny way approach most men use.


Play on,


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