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November 26, 2013 / Nice Guys CAN Get the girl

Hey there,

We all know the phrase "Nice guys finish last". We have all seen the women we want out there with guys who seem to act like total assholes to them and to everyone. We've all seen, or even been, the guy on the receiving end of the dreaded: "You are a really nice guy but...". But what? Do women really like assholes? The answer is actually no. Women prefer a "nice guy" over an asshole; however, most "nice guys" don't realize the problem with their behavior: it isn't that they are nice, it is that they are not sexual.

You can be a nice guy, and I would actually encourage it! But what you cannot be is non-sexual with women. It isn't actually "nice guys that finish last", it is "non-sexual guys finish last". You can be as nice as Mother Theresa to your date but as long as you are sexual: make seductive eye contact, move close to her and touch her, you can seduce as well, if not better than the pompous arrogant asshole who you think has it figured out.

So, the next time you are out with a woman, stop worrying about whether or not you are being too nice, and start worrying about how sexual you are.

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