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December 02, 2013 / Keys To Approaching Women

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While most of "getting women" happens after the approach phase, if you can't even make it to the game you don't have a chance to win. Here are the first 3 of 6 basic concepts of approaching, taken from our soon to be released e-book on how to approach women. Be sure you are receiving this letter because mailing list members will have an opportunity to get this 100+page e-book 100% FREE for a limited time. Also, check back on to learn more about when it will be available for FREE.

Basic Concept 1: Approach with Confidence
Confidence, as you know from my Crash Course in Women and Attraction, is a major turn on to women. Women are hardwired to be attracted to confident men; it’s almost like a reflex reaction. For this reason, it is always important to approach women in any scenario with confidence. Note that confidence doesn’t necessarily mean running up to a woman you want sticking your chest out like a gorilla and wearing an ear to ear big toothy smile on your face. How you display confidence needs to be consistent with the approach you are using. You will see later in the book how certain approaches demand a very direct forward engagement while others are much more subtle. All; however, require you to be confident in your approach.
Basic Concept 2: Don’t Be Creepy
Remember, in many of the scenarios out there, you will be approaching a complete stranger. Your “target” (the woman you intend to approach) may not know a thing about you except how you look and how you are approaching her. In many scenarios, you have to recognize that she is going to be naturally cautious when interacting with a complete stranger. To combat this, don’t do “creepy stuff” on your approach like run at a woman to talk to her, suddenly grab or touch her, proposition her for sex right away, make sexually suggestive gestures, or any other obviously creepy behavior. Use common sense! I don’t care if you read somewhere that a system said you should approach a woman you are interested in and tell her how she is beautiful and you want to have sex with her (believe it or not, there is some system that recommends this approach!) DON’T DO IT.
Basic Concept 3: Your Goal is to Open
A lot of guys like to get really caught up in their “opener” or their approach. They plan out every detail and then execute every detail like a drone. This is not the way it should be done. Remember that your goal is to simply get an interaction started. You do not need to keep going on and on with whatever plan you had if you already got her engaged. Once you get her engaged and the interaction has begun, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things!

Basics 4, 5, and 6 will be available soon ....

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