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October 04, 2013 / Improvements are incremental

Hey there,

I am constantly trying to improve my game, both with women and in life in general
. To do that I engage in a ton of activities: everything from weight lifting, to brazilian jiu jitsu, to guitar playing, to advancing my career (nope, this isn't my full time job, running actually costs me time and money but I love doing it), to going out and meeting women, to reading the latest content out there on pick-up, to advising others, to talking to some of the top "pick up artists" out there, and much more. Each one of these things I do continues to incrementally improve my success with women. No one thing on this list has been a magic pill, and while some have been more beneficial than others, at the end of the day, every thing I put my mind to and work at has helped me with women in some way.

This is the "lesson" I want to impart here because it is very contrary to what you may be seeing in other newsletters (I know, because I subscribe to them!). Becoming successful with women is an INCREMENTAL process not a JUMP process. There are things that can improve your game pretty significantly that can be learned in literally a day (especially with online dating there are really powerful "tricks") but even the significant improvement you will see from the most powerful techniques and advice is still going to be incremental. No matter how many testimonials you hear about some "weird trick" or "secret weapon" that REALLY DOES WORK as advertised etc. There are a lot of great products out there that are worth the money and much more, but they will not be a "magic pill". Don't forget that.

I'll have more on the "weird trick" on soon.

Play on,


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