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November 04, 2013 / How to know if she will sleep with you before you even meet her

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I rarely write material on on fast seduction and same night lays or other material geared specifically towards getting sex as quickly and easily as possible, despite it being a major strength of mine. I don't want some of these powerful techniques to be so broadly disseminated as it will weaken them for everyone. For this reason, you will mostly find fast seduction / one night stand guides / etc. in mailing list content. To kick it off, here are 10 ways to identify which women online are most likely to sleep with you before meeting them in person.

1. They contact you first — Women are most likely to sleep with men that they are most attracted to. The easiest way to gauge how attracted a woman is online is if she contacts you first. If you are looking for a fast lay, you should almost always focus on those who contact you. Women don’t often contact men unless they find something unusually attractive about them. Use that to your advantage!

2. They are older than you — women who are older than you are more likely to engage in sex early on in the courtship process; particularly if you are outside their desired age range. The reason for this is that your age alone helps disqualify you as relationship material which means that if they agree to meet you, there is likely more interest for something casual or fun on their end. You have more chance of being protected from the infamous and extremely aggravating thing women say when you are too “boyfriend material”: “I want to move slow because I really like you.”

3. They comment on your appearance — looks aren’t everything, but being attractive definitely helps for fast seductions. If a woman says you are cute, sexy, or something similar in your conversations, your chances of a fast lay are high.

4. Their profiles are not very long with lots of caps — I generally avoid women who have extremely long profiles talking about themselves with lots of CAPS LOCK and other annoying shit. I have found that not only are they annoying in person, but they also aren’t willing to get intimate quickly. In contrast, women with relatively short profiles are often more open for one night stands.

5. They have been online for a while — women who have been online for a while have had their share of creeps and losers going out with them that they set their expectations very low. This makes them much easier to charm and seduce if you can simply match or exceed the expectations set in your profile. Exceeding expectations on a first date is a huge turn on.

6. They are willing to travel to meet you — Women who are willing to put in effort to meet you are more likely to be DTF. This has to do with investment and the fact that getting women to invest not only makes you appear more valuable to them but makes them invest more in turn.

7. You fit the physical criteria in their profile — If you are 5’8″ stocky guy and you have a choice between meeting a woman who describes her prince charming as tall dark and handsome and one who does not, the choice is obvious. I have slept with many women whose criteria I did not fit, but it is way easier to get the ones whose mold you fit better.

8. They are not very religious — Describing themselves as very religious doesn’t necessarily preclude a one night stand, but it makes it a bit more difficult. Note, many women who describe themselves as very observant will sleep with you on a first date, but if you want an easier target, go for ones that are not very religious.

9. They mention they are looking for casual sex — this is an obvious one, but women who mention looking for casual sex in their profiles or nothing serious are more likely to have sex early. I saved this for here because it should be pretty obvious, but just in case.

10. They are “in town looking for someone to show them around” — It isn’t that common to find these women, but if you find someone who set up a profile for a location she doesn’t live in, your odds of getting sex early is quite high. Some of these women are risks because they can genuinely be looking for someone to just show them around, but usually, if you play your cards right, you should be able to close.

As you get more experienced with online dating you will identify all sorts of profile quirks and signs that will make it quite easy to determine who is most likely to hook up early on. These 10 indicators are just the beginning. There are many more, often times though, they depend on you as an individual, and what you bring to the table.

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