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June 27, 2014 / How can you MASTER texting game?

Hey There,

I've got a long letter for you today
about dramatically improving

Do you get girls numbers but
fail to make something out of it?

I know I used to, ALL THE TIME.
I got to where I was getting #s
but I wasn't getting much more.

It felt good to get her number...
but it wasn't all I wanted.

However, that all changed
when I finally 'got it'.

How did I get it?

Well, I was lucky, because
A really good friend of mine
is actually a master at
"text game"

And he tought me first hand
how to not make STUPID MISTAKES
that I was making, and that
probably you are also making.

He also showed me how simple
it really is to get girls out.

Who is this guy?
You probably already know...

His name is 'Rob Judge'.

And Rob, besides being a
total pick up guru,
is a true master at text game.

But most importantly,
he's a really great guy.

Rob and I have known each other
since the summer of 2007.

Well before we even considered
becoming 'dating coaches'

At that time, we were mostly
just students of the game.

We'd meet up at the Ritz Diner
on the Upper East Side.

And talk about openers and
routines to try out.

And while going out and
hitting on chicks was a
regular thing for us.

Our friendship has been
much much more than that.

For example,
when I'm visiting his town
I crash at his place and
he even picks me up from
the airport!

When he visits here,
I free up my schedule,
even if it's a Day 2 with
the perfect woman!

The truth is, most of the time
we hang out nowadays, we don't
even talk about dating that much!


Why am I telling you all of this?

I'm telling you this because
unlike many other 'dating experts'
I have personally seen Rob's
development and game in action.

And I KNOW he is LEGIT.

And I personally learned from him;
one of the ONLY 'big name'
experts I have personally,
actually, LEARNED FROM.

And I decided
that instead of me writing
a ton about texting game
(I do write some about it)

I would just refer you to
the expert himself: Rob Judge.

Rob, together with a friend, Bobby Rio
wrote what I truly believe is
the 'bible' when it comes to texting.

You may already have heard of it.

It's called: Magnetic Messaging

and it is a MUST READ
if you want to improve your text game.

Look, you guys know me.
And I tell it like it is:
If you think this book is
magically going to get you laid.
Don't bother looking into it.

But if you struggle with texting
and want to SIGNIFICANTLY improve
your odds of getting girls out

Then Magnetic Messaging is a MUST HAVE.

Magnetic Messaging will dispel
a bunch of texting myths
and show you how EASY
it actually is to get girls out on dates.

Anyways, I can go on and on
about how good this book is,
but instead, I will let Rob
and his partner Bobby
tell you more about it,
and reveal some of the secrets in

This Free Video

Seriously guys. I almost never, ever
EVER recommend something I haven't

But Magnetic Messaging is truly, a
unique book that simply does a better job
teaching how to text than I could ever do.

You owe it to yourself to at least
Watch The Video to get the basics down.

Play On,


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