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March 18, 2014 / Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Hey There,

Are you stuck in a routine, a rut? Do you find yourself going out to the same lousy bars, hitting on the same average women? Why aren't you stopping? Is it because you have found a "comfort zone"? Maybe you are successful in your neighborhood bar, with a bunch of mediocre women. It feels good to be successful, and it feels good not to fail.

Unfortunately, if you never step out of your comfort zone, you aren't being nearly as successful as you could be, which means, when you come to think about it, you are sort of failing.

If you want to improve your chances with women, you need to step out of your comfort zone more. Embrace it as a challenge. Or go into it scared shitless. But whatever you do, DO IT!

Read more about stepping out of your comfort zone here.

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