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August 20, 2014 / From Tinder To Your Bedroom, Part 1

Add to your sex life with this Tinder Guide!

Hey There,

You've probably been hearing
about all the sex that goes on
through this app called Tinder.

Surely, you want to be a part
of it. I know I sure as hell did.

In the next few e-mails I'm going
to talk about Tinder, and how you
can turn Tinder into a non-stop
"sex assembly line".

The first step to being successful
on Tinder, is your pictures.

That's what Part 1 of this series
is about.

1. Pictures

Let's face it, Tinder is largely
about looks.

Unlike other online dating sites
where you can use your profile
to attract women even if your
looks are more or less average,

with Tinder, you need to get
girls to first and foremost
'swipe right'.

At the same time, you do not
want to post a totally misleading
picture, because the result will
simply be a very bad date.

If you think you can blatantly lie
about your appearance and then
somehow "convince" her in
person... forget about it.

The strategy for your picture is
a simple one: Choose the best
picture you can come up with that
still looks like you.

Not a picture when you had hair.

Not a picture that is "50lbs old".

Not a picture from 10 years ago.

But simply the best you of today.

Depending on your looks level,
this best picture could be an
"action shot" or a "head shot".

If you are a better looking guy
always go with a "head shot".

If you are an average looking guy
go with an "action shot".


I'm not exactly sure, but I have
witnessed many girls Tindering
and I tried with my own (and others')
pictures and have consistently
noticed this trend:

1, Good faces get the most clicks

2. Action shots get the second most

This means if you have a good face,
go with good face. If you don't, go
with an "action" shot.

Other common tips you should
generally abide by are:

Don't smile unless it's a great smile.

Don't face directly at the camera.

More importantly, don't be afraid
to experiment.

You can very easily change pictures
on Tinder. So if one isn't working,
try a different one!

If a head shot isn't working, try an
action shot.

Just because I notice more girls respond
to face shots than action shots doesn't
mean you will have the same results!

The key is to look your very best.

If you aren't sure how to do so,

make sure you check out TVJ's
makeover for men series.

Part 1 is here


Part 2 is here

Now, with Tinder, you have room
for more than one picture.

In the other pictures, you want
pictures which are more
"realistic" representations of you.

They should be good, but not
"99%tile" of your looks.

Think pictures in the top 70%
of how you actually look in general.

This is very important, because
what you want is to get dates
that will lead to your BEDROOM,

not dates that will lead to you
holding the check.

Misleading pictures are a great way
to go on a lot of bad dates.

I feel like a bad date is even worse
than going on no date at all.

So don't waste time and money on
bad dates that you know will be bad
because you blatantly lied about
your appearance.

There you have it, these are the basics
when it comes to pictures on Tinder.

They are a core element of your success,
but they are not the only element.

Your About Me actually matters as well.

I'll talk about 'About Me' in Part 2.

Play On,



Are you concerned you are too ugly
to do Tinder? Like, you've tried this advice
and other advice, but still simply do not
get any quality matches?

This is very possible. The reality is that
Tinder is mostly looks driven. It is very
possible that Tinder is simply not the right
online dating tool for you to use.

In that case, you should read about an
online dating system that is designed
for those with average or even below
average looks.

This is a system I designed called
Sway Seduction, which focuses on using
a great profile to attract women, as
opposed to simply a picture.

Take a look at the type of responses
the profiles in this system get

They show how powerful a profile
alone can be.

So don't think online dating isn't for you
just because Tinder isn't,

I firmly believe online dating is the
easiest way to get sex short of going to
a hooker; you just have to find the right
online dating tool to get you there.

Play On,


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