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December 06, 2013 / Don't Use Learning As A Crutch

Hey there,

Today's letter is very short but very important.

It may seem counterproductive for me to tell you to stop using learning as a crutch given how much I write on my site for you to learn from. However, this is something that has to be said: if you want to succeed stop using learning as a crutch. Too many men think they need to read more and learn more before they can go out and DO. This is the wrong mentality and wrong approach to being successful. When I say successful, I don't just mean with women, I mean in life in general. As I have written about several times (such as here and here), our brain is wired to learn by trial and error. Use how we are designed to your advantage by not just reading and learning but also by trying, experimenting, and doing.

Play on,


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