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October 11, 2013 / Don't knock it until you try it

Hey there,

I write a lot on regarding online dating
. Unlike many dating experts, I have dedicated nearly an entire decade to mastering online dating from the man's perspective. Interestingly, what I have found is that while many men commit countless mistakes when doing online dating, there is an even bigger contingent of those who simply refuse to try it! If you are doing online dating but simply not having success, keep checking back on the site for articles on ways to improve your game. If you want it all in one place, check out our e-book: Sway Seduction.

However, most likely, just given the statistics, you haven't given online dating a fair shake! To that I say, what are you waiting for! There are plenty of free sites out there such as okCupid (my favorite free online dating site) and POF (my least favorite) as well as tons of 'dating apps' like Tinder and Hinge you can use. I promise you that once you 'figure it out', online dating is the best way to meet women. If you want more to be convinced, read these two articles:

7 Online Dating Myths
9 Reasons To Do Online Dating

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