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September 30, 2013 / Call or Text?

Hey there,

With the continued popularity of text and similar modes of communication, it's only natural to wonder if calling is dead and texting is the standard mode of operation. While there is a time and a place for calling, I tend to be in the texting camp. Here's why:

(1) Texting is easier -- texting is much easier than calling. You do not need to schedule off a block of time and it is much less intrusive. It is also easier to come up with a simple text than to hold a conversation over the phone.

(2) There's less chance of screwing up -- while being a great conversationalist on the phone is nice, there is simply too much risk of screwing up in my opinion that it isn't worth it. A lot of times screw ups are not your fault: for example, a bad connection can make a conversation devolve into a bunch of awkward: "can you repeat that?", "what did you say?" or similar worthless conversation. With text you have a lot of time to think if you need to think about what to say which makes screwing up much more difficult.

(3) Texting is less needy -- A phone call demands essentially undivided attention from the recipient. While some women enjoy receiving a phone call, to others it can almost be considered intrusive given how texting is such a standard mode of communication. A text is most clearly a non-needy mode of contact.

(4) You have a record -- with texting, you don't have to remember anything, you have a written record of everything that went down. This comes in handy if you have many dates and is almost a necessity if you online date successfully.

With that said, there are still some benefits to using the phone. The main benefit, in my opinion, is that you can actually build some rapport, comfort, and even a bit of attraction over the phone. This can lead to a more successful meeting when you do meet in person.

In the end of the day, both approaches can work fine, but I recommend playing it safe and sticking to text. Real attraction is built in person, so meeting in person is paramount, and text makes that more likely to happen.

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