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February 21, 2014 / Arranging Dates Properly

Hey There,

It's too often that I see men out there blow it when it comes to that first date. There is a lot of very bad dating advice out there when it comes to date ideas. Among them are waste of time, non-romantic dates such as coffee during the day and on the other side are way over the top date ideas like the ones you would see on The Millionaire Matchmaker which come off as try hard and needy in real life.

The key to a successful date is not as much what you do, but when, where, and how you do it. To that end, here are several resources on that will help guide you in the right direction:

7 Dating Myths

6 Reasons Why "Day Dates" Are A Bad Idea

The 8PM Rule

Don't Neglect Logistics

6 Venue Selection Principles

In Defense Of The Dinner Date

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