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November 19, 2013 / 95% of Natural Game Is In This E-mail

Hey there,

I see a ton of articles, books, and other content on the elusive "natural game". What is natural game? Natural game is best defined by example: A guy who has tons of success with women without consciously thinking about seduction techniques and theories is someone who has "natural game". Being a "natural", as this guy would be called, is one of the most highly sought after seduction skills men desire. Routines and techniques work, but they can become tiresome. Being able to naturally seduce by just being yourself is really an admirable and much desired end goal. It is difficult to become a "natural", but what is NOT difficult is knowing WHAT it takes and WHAT you need to do. What you need to do is easy, I'm going to tell you 95% of it here, in this e-mail for free. Yep, that's right, it will barely take me an e-mail to do it.

(1) Eye Contact -- One skill that naturals have down pat is the ability to make eye contact with women they are interested in. Unwavering, piercing, eye contact.

(2) Kino (touching) -- Naturals are physical beings, and that means they are not afraid to touch. Don't be afraid to touch your date, touch the girl you are interested in, etc. Fear of touching is a killer for many men, and until you master touching (without being creepy or sleazy or worse), you will not be able to walk with the "naturals".

(3) Escalation -- Naturals are always escalating. They do not rest on their laurels after getting a number, a kiss, or even more. They are always "playing to win", always going for the touchdown, and never settling for what is just given to them without effort.

(4) They are not needy -- Being needy and desperate are huge turn offs to women. "Naturals" never behave in needy or desperate fashion when chasing women. Note that pursuit and neediness are two different things. Naturals pursue, but they are not needy.

(5) Make people feel good -- A common myth is that "naturals" are "assholes" or "douchebags" etc. This is actually borne out of jealousy of other men. Do you think the cool kids in school were actually assholes? No. They were assholes to you and I maybe because we were losers, or at least I was. They weren't assholes to their friends or to girls or to the many people who liked them. They actually are generally the opposite: they know how to make people feel good about themselves.

(6) They have things going on in their life --  Commonly described as "value", guys who are naturals with women generally have value. This means they have a good career, good looks, interesting skills, a large social circle and lots of friends, a lot of hobbies, interesting stories they can tell, etc. Note, not ALL of these, just having some of these, or sometimes, even just ONE of these traits can be enough "value".

There you have it, that is what it takes to be a "natural". These 6 things are pretty much ALL you need to know. Now, it's easier said than done to accomplish all of these skills, but hey, that is what was made for. I had NONE of these skills, and now I have developed all of them in abundance. With the articles on Josh Sway (90 and counting), I am going to show you HOW to do all these 6 things. But first, please stop wasting your time reading WHAT you need to do, because the WHAT is easy.

Play on,


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