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Glossary What It All Means




3 Second Rule A pick up "rule" that says one must approach the woman they are interested in within 3 seconds.
Abundance Mentality A mantra that suggests there are an abundance of potential women available, implying that one should not be concerned about whether or not a particular woman is interested or not.
Alpha Male of the Group AMOG A socially comfortable male who will compete with you for a woman and interfere with your approach. ASF, a newsgroup dedicated to seduction widely considered the origin of the online seduction community.
Anchor Also anchor point, a feedback mechanism where an emotional state is bound to a physical action.
Anti-Slut Defense ASD A common behavior among women where they make a concerted effort to not appear too easy or slutty, particularly before sex or physical intimacy. "I never do this" is a common example.
Approach Anxiety AA The fear that arises when doing a cold approach on a woman or group of women (or group of strangers, including men).
Average Frustrated Chump AFC A stereotypical "nice guy" who has only a weak ability to approach and engage with women, and who tends to engage is supplicative and deferential behavior when he does interact with them.
Bedroom Eyes A particular form of eye contact that suggests a desire for sex.
Below Average Frustrated Chump bAFC An individual whose seduction ability is even below that of the Average Frustrated Chump (AFC).
Bitch Shield BS Behavior from a woman designed specifically to fend off potential suitors.
Blow Out A form of rejection that usually occurs while approaching and engaging a woman for the first time and involves the woman or others ending the interaction either indirectly or directly.
Bootcamp An intensive training course in seduction usually held by dating coaches or mPUAs.
Bounce To move to another location, generally with a woman or women.
Boyfriend Destroyer BFD A technique designed to inject a woman with doubts about her boyfriend and ideally get her to leave her boyfriend.
Buyer's Remorse When a woman regrets sleeping with a man.
Buying Temperature BT How attracted a woman is to a particular man trying to seduce her.
Calibration The skill of choosing appropriate seduction techniques based on feedback received from the target woman.
Canned Opener A memorized statement, question, of action used with little to no variation to start a conversation with a woman.
Canned Routine CR A seduction "routine" or blueprint with set responses to set behavior that is memorized ahead of time and applied with little to no variation.
Cat String Theory A term coined by Mystery to describe the dynamic where people value what they work for more than they value what comes easily.
Cavemanming Cavemanning or "Caveman Style" involves using aggressive physical escalation with little verbal escalation to seduce a target.
Closing To achieve tangible success with a woman. Generally, anything from getting her number to getting sex is considered a close.
Club Game Also Dance Floor Game, this is the process of attempting to seduce women at a night club, usually on the dance floor.
Cockblock CB A person who deliberately or unintentionally interferes with your ability to seduce your target.
Cocky Funny C&F A seduction approach that consists of blending cocky behavior with humor.
Cold Approach The act of approaching a woman you have never met and do not know.
Cold Reading A set of techniques where one seems to demonstrate insight and knowledge about a person they have never met.
Compliance Test CT Generally a small favor or request that is used by either the man or the woman to gauge interest and other behavioral characteristics.
Congruence Consistency of behavior.
Dance Floor Monkey A guy who dances in a very noticeable manner to attract the attention of women but has very limited ability to escalate any further than initial attraction due to his dancing skills.
Day 2 D2 The second meeting with a woman. For instance, if you met a woman out at a bar on Friday, meeting her for drinks on Sunday would be a 'Day 2'.
Day Game Approaching women during the day in places like supermarkets and retail stores, outside of social settings such as bars and clubs.
Demonstration of Higher Value DHV A routine in which the man displays traits or attributes that raises his worth or appeal in the eyes of a woman.
Demonstration of Lower Value DLV Behavior, usually unintentional, by a man that will cause his attraction and appeal to decline in the eyes of a woman.
Direct Game Attempting to seduce women by very clearly showing an interest in the woman. For instance, telling a woman how hot she looks in her dress and how bad it makes you want her.
Disqualifying The act of deliberately trying to make a woman believe you are not a potential suitor, often to get her to lower her guard.
DTF DTF A label for women who have given very strong indications they are willing to sleep with you.
Eject The act of ending an interaction with a woman or a set and moving on to other things.
Escalation Moving interaction with a woman to "the next level," such as relocating from a public place to a private place, or progressing towards more intimate physical activity.
Eye Contact EC Looking straight into the other persons eyes.
False Time Constraint FTC A made up reason why you will likely have to cut off an interaction with a woman in a short period of time, usually done to make her let her guard down knowing that in the worst case, you will only hang around for a short while.
Female Pick Up Artist fPUA A female who is an expert at seducing men. (Apparently, not all females are fPUA, go figure).
Field Report FR A detailed report of a successful or unsuccessful attempt to seduce women.
Field Test Testing out a seduction theory or technique in real life on various women.
Fool's Mate Coined by Mystery, this term refers to a situation where a PUA managed to have sex with a woman in a short period of time after meeting her, usually in considerably less time than 7 hours spent together.
Freeze Out Avoiding all contact and ceasing communication with a target woman.
Friend Zone A man in a woman's social circle who has been designated as someone she will never be sexually or romantically interested in him.
Friends With Benefits FwB A type of relationship where the two participants are friends and have casual sex with no commitment of monogamy and little to no elements of traditional dating other than sex.
Full Close F-Close Having sex with a target.
Gambit A short canned routine, often a one liner with a specific purpose.
Game As a verb, the act of pursuing women (ex "I love the game") or alternatively, as a noun, seduction ability (ex "His game is good")
Grand Master Style GM Style A seduction method invented by a PUA known as "GM" that is extremely direct and very sexual.
Hired Guns Female employees in the service industry who are generally recruited for their attractiveness, such as bartenders, waitresses, shot girls, and strippers.
Hoop Theory One theory behind compliance testing that suggests using compliance tests to see if the other person will "jump through hoops" for the others' approval.
Hot Babe HB Short hand to describe a beautiful woman. Often HB is followed by a number on a 1-10 scale describing her attractiveness level. (Often only numbers 6 and up are used with the prefix 'HB').
Indicator of Interest IOI A sign a woman gives a man that indirectly reveals she is attracted to or interested in him.
Indirect Game A style of seduction where the man approaches and attempts seduction 'indirectly', hiding his seduction intentions initially.
Indirect Opener An opener that attempts to hide any sexual or romantic interest in the target.
Inner Game The aspects of game that are internal to ones' self, for example self esteem, confidence, values and goals.
Investment The amount of effort one has put into an interaction. See also Cat String Theory.
Keyboard Jockey KJ One who seems to know a lot and gives lots of advice and criticism over forums but has little to no actual real world experience.
Kino Playful physical contact, usually not overtly sexual.
Kiss Close Ending an interaction with a woman with a kiss (usually a full makeout and tongue involvement is assumed).
Last Minute Resistance LMR Behavior by a woman, usually after the act of kissing, in which she prevents him from progressing toward more intimate sexual contact.
Let's Just Be Friends LJBF "Let's just be friends" is a statement a woman makes to a man to indicate that she is not sexually or romantically interested in him.
Long Game Building attraction with a woman over an extended period of time, where the goal of "closing" is intentionally delayed.
Long Term Relationship LTR A long term sexual and romantic relationship.
Neg An ambiguous statement or seemingly accidental insult delivered to a beautiful woman a man has just met, with the intent of actively demonstrating to her (or her friends) a lack of interest in her.
One-itis A man's obsession/fixation with a girl with whom he's not dating, especially when said fixation significantly dramatically lowers the his chance of dating or sleeping with her.
Opener A statement, question, or story used to initiate a conversation with a stranger or group of strangers.
Peacocking To dress in loud clothing or flashy accessories in order to get attention from women.
Pick Up Artist PUA A person who specializes in the art of "picking up" or seducing women.
Target A particular woman you are actively trying to seduce.
The Field Any place where you can meet women.
Wingman A friend who assists in meeting, attracting, and approaching women.