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/ 7 Reasons Why You Should Workout

Working out is one of the best activities you can do.

I have always been active and athletic, but since I was 16, I started lifting weights seriously. The results were slow at first, probably because I was still young and I was on the swim team swimming a dozen hours a week. However, the results came, and I can honestly say when they did, it changed my life in more ways than I can count. Many were not related to women or dating, but there were many related to that as well. Here are 7 reasons why you should start going to the gym if you don’t already do so.

(1)    <i>It’s healthy– </i>Exercising is good for you. People who exercise are healthier in just about every respect. Exercise lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and decreases the risk of countless diseases. It also helps you lose body fat which is correlated to a higher incidence of many diseases.

(2)    <i>It will make you feel better—</i> Besides being healthier, exercise will make you feel good as the rush of endorphins post workout will give you that natural high that those who exercise always rave about. Trust me, it is real, exercise will make you feel better, and also feel better about yourself.

(3)    <i>It will make you look better—</i>virtually any body type you want can be attained with the proper exercise regimen. While looks matter much less than you think in terms of seducing women, looking better will make you feel better about yourself, and confidence most definitely matters!

(4)    <i>It will make you more interesting—</i>working out is not just an activity for many people but a lifestyle. It is a very important part of many peoples’ lives and being able to talk intelligibly about it, and share the experience with others will make you a more interesting person.

(5)    <i>It will make you more social—</i>piggy backing on reason number 4, the gym is a great place to meet people, both men and women. It is also yet another activity you can do with a friend, family member, or a potential love interest. I have made friends at the gym, hung out with friends at the gym, and built closer bonds with both men and women due to my interest in working out.

(6)    <i>It will make you stronger—</i>Exercise will likely make you physically stronger, but perhaps more importantly, it will make you mentally stronger. Succeeding in life generally takes effort, and working out is one of the easiest, simplest ways to get better at exerting yourself and putting in effort. Results come very quickly (especially when it comes to running and/or lifting heavy weights) which make it very easy to be motivated to work hard and you don’t need to commit much time to working out to see results.  There is virtually no better way to get stronger, both physically and mentally, than exercising. Seeing motivation and determination yield results before your very eyes will make it easier for you to be motivated and determined in life in general.

(7)    <i>It’s Fun—</i>Working out is fun! Not every activity is fun for every person, but there are so many types of exercise and things you can do at the gym that I virtually guarantee you can find at least one that you enjoy! I enjoy many more than one, as do most people who exercise, but one is all it takes to have fun and enjoy all the other benefits I listed plus many more!

Working out is one of the best hobbies and/or lifestyle changes I recommend to anyone. It can be started at any age, and even those with serious physical disabilities can benefit from many forms of exercise. It is fun, exciting, healthy, good for you, and builds character. Don’t think of exercise as just a means to look better (even though it is the MOST effective way to do so), think of it as a means to a better overall life.

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