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About Who is Josh Sway?

Who is Josh Sway?

I am Josh Sway, and nearly fifteen years ago, I set out on a mission to transform my life. I was always the little guy ever since I can remember. I never got the girl, I never had tons of friends, and I was never popular. Eventually, I decided that it was time to change. I read self-improvement guides. I read dating guides. Etiquette guides. I started working out. I worked on my social skills. I tried to absorb anything and everything that I could with the sole purpose of becoming a better overall person; becoming better overall at life. It was a very difficult process that took years of discipline, trial and error, and determination. It was also a journey filled with years of frustration. Ultimately though, I realized there was one simple key to success: overcoming the fear of failure. From that day forward, once I was willing to take a risk and accept that failure was a possibility, my life changed at the speed of light. is the culmination of fifteen years of experience in self improvement. It is intended to be a comprehensive resource to help you overcome the fear of failure and to become a better person. Through articles and videos on, e-books written by myself and others, and an e-mail newsletter, I plan on sharing everything I learned through my fifteen year journey. If I don’t know something, I plan to enlist experts who do know, and give you the option to learn from them. Enjoy the site, and don’t forget to join our mailing list and revisit the site regularly for new content.